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Wentworth: Read the the biggest moments from Australia’s favorite prison drama & find the FOXTEL NEWS : Fremantle exploring Wentworth season 8 in bottom 

Setting the standard for Australian television since 2013

It’s won several TV WEEK Logie Awards and has a cult following.

And for fair reason – since making its debut on our screens back in 2013, Wentworth has set the standard in Australian television for delivering unique plot twists and powerful performances.

With season six soon to come to a close, we relive some memorable scenes from the acclaimed prison drama.


Bea (Danielle Cormack) has no idea what’s in store for her when entering Wentworth Detention Centre.

Charged with the attempted murder of her abusive husband Harry (Jake Ryan), suburban housewife Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) arrives in Wentworth Detention Centre confused and terrified.

But she’s convinced she’ll soon be free. She has no idea of the nightmare her life is about to become.

She gets her first hint, however, when prisoner peer worker Liz (Celia Ireland) shows her the ropes.

“Don’t borrow anyone else’s stuff without asking,” Liz warns. “But if Franky [Nicole da Silva] wants any of yours, don’t argue.”

And the biggest rule of all?

“Oh, you know the panic button by the front door?” Liz asks. “Don’t ever press it.”


Meg (Catherine McClements) is killed in a prison riot, witnessed by husband Will (Robbie Magasiva).

The first lesson we learn in Wentworth is that nobody is safe – inside its walls or out.

Firm-but-fair prison governor Meg Jackson (Catherine McClements) is married to fellow prison officer Will (Robbie Magasiva), but doesn’t make it to the end of the first episode – she’s killed in a prison riot. Although Bea is blamed because she’s covered in blood, we later find out who was responsible: Franky.

Franky, however, declares it was all “an accident”.


Jacs (Kris McQuade) organises to have Bea’s daughter killed.

It isn’t long before the quiet mum is changed and a new tough Bea emerges.

When Wentworth’s top dog, Jacs (Kris McQuade), arranges to have Bea’s daughter killed on the outside, Bea stabs her in the neck with a pen and leaves her dying on the floor.


Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is Wentworth’s ultimate villain

One of the most anticipated moments in Wentworth history is when iconic character Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) arrives.

She quickly turns Wentworth into her own personal empire, terrorising staff and inmates alike.

An emotionless psychopath – just wait until her goldfish dies to see how little she feels for anyone or anything – Ferguson pushes everyone to the point where they have no choice but to fight back.


Maxine’s (Socratis Otto) character highlights issues being faced by trans women everywhere.

Reflecting the truth of life in a modern women’s prison, transgender woman Maxine (Socratis Otto) moves into Wentworth and soon becomes one of the show’s most popular characters.

Tough, tender and fighting discrimination on all fronts, Maxine’s story highlights issues facing trans women everywhere. In season four, she bravely fights breast cancer.


Like his mother, Brayden (Reef Ireland) is killed by a revenge-seeking Bea.

Jacs had died at her hands, but Bea still wants revenge on the man who killed her daughter.

So, she hatches an elaborate plan to get out and hunt him down. It plays out over weeks and with other inmates in unwitting roles. Bea has herself attacked, severely injured and then transferred to hospital, where she slips free of her guards.

Finally, with Jacs’ son Brayden (Reef Ireland), she has second thoughts… until he grins at her in triumph. And Bea shoots him dead.


Matthew Fletcher (Aaron Jeffery) suffers the consequences for siding against The Freak.

A former soldier- turned-prison guard, Matthew Fletcher (Aaron Jeffery) has a rough time at Wentworth, pushing the limits of his authority and making enemies on both sides of the bars.

But when he discovers Ferguson’s campaign to destroy Will, he decides it’s time to side with the good guys. And then The Freak has him run down by a speeding van before he can say a word.

His recovery, and what it does to him, becomes one of the strongest storylines of season three.


Boomber (Katrina Milosevic) recovers from her injuries she suffered at the dry cleaner.

Now serving life without parole for murder, Bea sets out to take over Wentworth.

She starts a riot, faces down Ferguson and fights back against prison enforcer Boomer (Katrina Milosevic). In a scene that makes every fan terrified to set foot in a drycleaner, Bea slams Boomer’s hands in the giant clothes press and lets the steam fly.


Doreen (Shareena Clanton) is one of few characters in Wentworth to be released and to never return.

After meeting a male prisoner on a work-release program, inmate Doreen (Shareena Clanton) falls pregnant and, while still inside, gives birth. Baby Joshua changes everything for Doreen, and leads to her eventually being released.

She’s one of the few inmates who has never returned.


Will deals with the aftermath of the prison’s fire which was set alight by The Freak.

Ferguson’s reign of terror comes to an abrupt end when she kills an inmate and sets fire to the prison to cover her tracks.

Unfortunately for her, she’s caught in the act and soon finds herself on the other side of the bars – and the prime target for every killer inside.

But this is The Freak, after all, and she has one last card to play, calling on Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) to protect her inside.


Boomer on her date with ex Daz (Rom Budge).

Not everything is doom and gloom inside Wentworth.

And one of the lightest moments comes when the prisoners are finally granted conjugal visits. First to set up a romantic date is none other than Boomer. She’s given a makeover and sent off to see her ex, Daz (Tom Budge, right).

Everything doesn’t go to plan, however, when Boomer confesses she wants to be a mum. Daz, deadbeat that he is, nearly becomes the first man to attempt an escape from Wentworth.


Governor Vera (Kate Atkinson) and guard Jake (Bernard Curry) form a romantic bond.

It isn’t just the prisoners who fall in and out of love. New governor Vera (Kate Atkinson) throws off her “Vinegar Tits” nickname to jump into bed with fellow guard Jake (Bernard Curry).

It’s a rocky relationship, but the repercussions of their passion really come to a head in the current season.


“I win”. Bea sacrifices herself to make sure The Freak is locked up for good.

Proving nobody is safe inside, Bea pays the ultimate price to make sure Ferguson will never be released. She confronts The Freak as she’s ready to walk free, forcing her to stab her. “I win,” Bea whispers as Ferguson’s fury takes over.

And she’s right. The attack is witnessed, Ferguson is locked back up and Bea has made sure the world will be safe from her forever.

Or at least until the next season.


Franky (Nicole da Silva) returns to Wentworth after being accused of the murder of celebrity chef Mike Pennisi.

Bea is gone, but Franky isn’t so lucky.

When the celebrity chef she had assaulted years before, Mike Pennisi (Felix Williamson), is murdered, all fingers point to her. And once again, she’s back in Wentworth.

This time, however, she knows she’s been set up. So a bitter – and smarter – Franky sets out to prove her innocence.

It’s a plan she needs to be outside to complete. But how can she escape?


Will rescues Kaz from a sinking prison van.

All her life she’s hated men, but then… Kaz (right) is trapped inside a sinking prison van and Will comes to her rescue in one of the show’s most claustrophobic moments.

It sets in motion a series of decisions that will force Kaz to break her own rules. And it’ll see Will cross a deadly line and alter the future of Wentworth forever.


Allie (Kate Jenkinson) and Franky follow through with their escape plan.

Franky and Allie (Kate Jenkinson) have hatched an elaborate plan to escape. But what Franky doesn’t know is that Ferguson is going to join her on the trip… or so she thinks.

While Franky and Allie’s breakout goes as planned, Ferguson takes a deadly side-trip to remote bushland.

Here, the crate she’s locked in is lowered into the ground. As she hears someone begin to bury her alive, Ferguson sees a portrait of Bea tacked inside – thanks to her lover, Allie – and realises she’s been the victim of a scheme to avenge the former top dog.

In one of TV’s greatest twists, we see the digger is Will

Wentworth Season Six: The Biggest Shocks

The finale of season six of Wentworth is just around the corner and, considering what we’ve been through so far, you can expect one massive climax to this instalment. Before that arrives, however, we look at all the times we’ve had to pick our jaw up off the floor.

Sonia’s shower scene

Okay, we knew she was a bad egg, but even so we didn’t think Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) had it in her to stab someone 28 times! Unfortunately for poor Sharon Gilmour (Catherine Larcey), the socialite sociopath mistook her blonde hair for Liz Birdsworth’s (Celia Ireland) – her intended victim – and got stuck into her in the bloodiest way possible.

Cherry’s attack

The shower room saw another horrific incident in episode nine, when Marie Winter’s (Susie Porter) second-in-command, the cold and calculating Drago (Natalia Novikova) – who always seems keen to bash someone up – gave Cherry (Sun Park) a beating that meant she’d never walk again.

The body in the box

There was yet more horror in episode nine. After it started to look like The Freak (Pamela Rabe) had perhaps survived her burial and been paying some unpleasant visits to her former adversary Vera (Kate Atkinson) as well as trying to blackmail Vera, Will (Robbie Magasiva) and Jake (Bernard Curry), the only way to eliminate the possibility that she was behind it all was to dig her up! We only got a glimpse of the gruesome corpse within the makeshift coffin, but that was enough to make us scream.

Rita’s tattoo removal services

We discovered that Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick) accidentally killed Danny Winter (Charles Terrier) with a knock-out punch after he’d assaulted one of her friends. Now she’s in the lock-up with his mother Marie who, thanks to her contacts, has found CCTV footage of the attack and knows that the assailant has a distinctive double-headed arrow tattoo on the back of the neck. After Rita (Leah Purcell) finds this out, there’s only one solution – obscure Ruby’s telltale tatt by placing a burning hot spoon on it. We are sure we weren’t the only ones who looked away from the screen during this moment.

Will and Marie, sitting in a tree…

It was a match that we never saw coming. After Will freaked out over what he’d done to The Freak, he found himself confiding in Marie and ultimately the two got hot and heavy. Is the former brothel madam really on his side? Or is she wanting to have an ace up her sleeve, should she need it? With this shifty character, it could go either way! Mr Jackson, what have you done?

The battle for top dog

While Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) is vehemently deadset against violence, even she can’t avoid a top-dog clash with Marie in the laundry room (to be fair, she did try to kill Marie with some dodgy drugs). They each gave as good as they got – but we’re glad Allie (Kate Jenkinson) pushed the alarm!

How will everything end up for our favourite inmates? Will Marie and Drago find out about Ruby’s deadly deeds? And will we discover who is really blackmailing Vera, Will and Jake? Who will be top dog? So many questions!

WENTWORTH (s6 FINALE) Tuesday September 4 at 8.30pm on showcase [115] available in the DRAMA pack; stream seasons 1-5 On Demand

Wentworth’s most shocking moments

REVENGE FOR BEA (Season 5, episode 12): In the season five finale Joan “The Freak” Ferguson was buried alive in a coffin with a drawing of Bea (Danielle Cormack) stuck on the roof. What we didn’t see however, was whether The Freak actually died. The chances of survival are about as slim as they get, so who knows, perhaps she’ll make a miraculous escape. Though not likely, we’d put nothing past Ferguson…

THE FREAK GOT YOUR TONGUE (season 5, episode 6): To become Top Dog in prison, Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) demonstrated her ruthless capabilities. She cut out the tongue of fellow inmate Juice (Sally-Anne Upton) earning her begrudging respect and fear from her fellow prisoners.

BEA SMITH DIES (season 4, episode 12): In one of the most epic Wentworth showdowns, Bea came face-to-face with Joan, the woman she believed had killed her girlfriend Allie (Kate Jenkinson). Bea attempted to kill Joan. But when she lost control of the weapon, Bea made Joan fatally stab her so she would be imprisoned for the crime.

THE FREAK KILLS IMAN (season 5, episode 10): Just when Franky (Nicole da Silva) had figured out it was Iman (Zahra Newman) who had framed her for murder, her chance of freedom slipped through her hands. Joan didn’t want Iman to tell the truth, so snapped her neck and killed her.

SONIA’S PAST REVEALED (season 5, episode 4): Having been fed only tantalising snippets of Sonia’s (Sigrid Thornton) past, viewers were in for a treat when her back-story was revealed. Turned out she was capable of murder, had struck more than once and was having an affair with the investigating detective!

THE FREAK TRIES TO DROWN BEA (season 4, episode 8): A cunning Joan wanted to kill fellow prisoner Bea. After drugging her, Joan nearly managed to drown Bea in the kitchen sink before Kaz (Tammy McIntosh) figured out what was happening and rushed to Bea’s aid.

GOVERNOR MEG DIES (season 1, episode 1): It was a violent start to Wentworth when Governor Meg (Catherine Clements) lost her life in the debut episode. The death and whodunit mystery set the tone for the rest of the series: violence, intrigue, secrets and rivalries.

BEA’S DAUGHTER DEBBIE DIES (season 1, episode 8): In one of the most heartbreaking moments from the series, Bea’s teen daughter Debbie (Georgia Flood) was fatally injected with heroin and left to die. Brayden (Reef Ireland) killed Debbie after his mother, inmate Jacs (Kris McQuade), ordered him to.

BEA KILLS JACS (season 1, episode 10): Having discovered Jacs ordered the murder of her daughter Debbie, Bea marched in to her cell and killed her fellow inmate. Bea was hauled away in handcuffs with blood all over her as her fellow prisoners watched on in terrified awe.


BEA KILLS BRAYDEN (season 2, episode 12): Having escaped from prison, Bea tracked down Brayden and confronted him over the death of her daughter Debbie. When Brayden provoked her about the crime, Bea shot him dead.

THE FATAL FREAK FIRE (season 3, episode 12): Governor Ferguson’s iron rule over the prison crumbled when a fatal fire broke out. Ferguson killed prisoner Jess (Georgia Chara), after racing to save Doreen’s (Shareena Clanton) son from the delusional prisoner’s clutches.

JOAN’S ASSAULT (season 4, episode 3): Having been imprisoned behind bars, Joan found herself subject to a vicious attack by several other inmates. They attacked her in the shower cells and it was one of the (very) few moments you felt sympathy for Joan.

FRANKY ATTACKED BY PENNISI (season 5, episode 1): A free woman, Franky’s life on the outside was ruined when Mike Pennisi (Felix Williamson) tracked her down and attacked her. She managed to free herself from his grip, but was later charged with his murder when Pennisi was found dead.

ALLIE GIVEN A HOTSHOT BY JOAN (season 4, episode 12):Joan aimed to hit Bea where it hurt the most by taking away her new girlfriend Allie. The calculating Joan attacked Allie and gave her a hotshot of drugs, leading to the inmate being rushed to hospital in a coma.

WILL DISCOVERS FRANKY KILLED HIS WIFE (season 3, episode 10): Guard Will (Robbie Magasiva) was enraged when he finally learnt who had killed his wife, Governor Meg. The secret was exposed after Franky confessed to the killing during a counselling session that was leaked to Will.

KAZ AND WILL’S VAN CRASHES (season 5, episode 5): Inmate Kaz (Tammy McIntosh) and Will had to fight for their lives when the prison van they were in veered off the road in to a dam. After freeing himself, Will saved Kaz. It was the moment the two enemies ended their feud and began working together to try and rid the prison of drugs.

FLETCHER HIT BY A CAR (season 2, episode 12): Guard Fletcher (Aaron Jeffery) was hit by a car and left for dead after he discovered details of Governor Joan Ferguson’s treacherous past. Fletch was run-down by Joan’s accomplice just before he was able to tell mate Will all the details.

PRISON RIOT (season 3, episode 1): Imprisoned for life after murdering Brayden, Bea was now the prison’s Top Dog. Governor Ferguson attempted to control Bea by slotting her in isolation, but the other women rioted and Vera (Kate Atkinson) was held hostage and stabbed with a syringe.

BEA ATTEMPTS SUICIDE (season 1, episode 9): Having lost her daughter, Bea felt like she had nothing to live for. In a truly sad moment, Bea attempted to hang herself in her cell, but was found by other women who saved her.

BEA IS DRUGGED BY JOAN (season 3, episode 6): Joan realised inmate Bea was intent on ousting her from her Governor position so took matters in to her own hands. She ordered her henchman to inject Bea with drugs and the inmate ended up in the psych ward.

JAKE KILLS JOAN’S FORMER ACCOMPLICE (season 4, episode 12): Guard Jake (Bernard Curry) truly found himself in a tough position when Joan demanded he commit murder so his indiscretions weren’t revealed. Jake had to kill Joan’s former accomplice so the man was unable to testify against Joan.

FOXTEL NEWS : Fremantle exploring Wentworth season 8

EXCLUSIVE: Hopes for more Wentworth are still alive as producers continue to discuss options with Foxtel.

Newly-installed Fremantle CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor has told TV Tonight, “Fremantle is incredibly proud of season 6 of Wentworth that has just premiered on Foxtel, and look forward to sharing season 7 in 2019.

“We are working closely with Foxtel as well as writers and cast to see what opportunities there are for a series 8. We know that our amazing audience both here in Australia and in the 140 territories that Wentworth plays in are eager for another season.”

Foxtel’s last statement on the drama was that it is continuing discussions with producers.

Season 7 will air in 2019.

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