Sigrid Thornton’s thoughts about saying goodbye to women of Wentworth

In the season six finale of Wentworth there were plenty of shocks – Officer Murphy (Katerina Kotsonis) was the blackmailer! Channing (Martin Sacks) shot Murphy, believing she was The Freak! Vera (Kate Atkinson) is pregnant! Not forgetting that Rita (Leah Purcell), having killed Drago (Natalia Novikova) to protect Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick), is dropped by the cops for going rogue and is now an actual inmate.

And to make matters worse, Rita is stuck in Wentworth with the woman she was trying to bring down – Marie Winter (Susie Porter), who is looking at a longtime stay after the doctor she attacked passed away, which bumps her up to a manslaughter charge. Is there ever a dull moment in Wentworth? (Um, no.)

So where does that leave things for season seven? Well, with Vera now being in the family way – but firmly denying Jake (Bernard Curry) any rights as the father – it’s going to be #awkward in the workplace. And after the showdown between Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) and Marie, could our top dog be in a perilous position? We’ve already seen that Kaz’s big supporters Allie (Kate Jenkinson) and Will (Robbie Magasiva) have softened towards the former brothel madam, so we could be in store for a power shift.

Also, Marie is now onto Rita’s pursuit of her and, with the undercover cop now left to fend for herself, we’re worried. And what about Liz (Celia Ireland)? How will she cope with her early onset dementia diagnosis as it develops? And then there’s her mate Boomer (Katrina Milosovic) – now that she’s in the clear after the attack on Cherry (Sun Park), could she (gulp!) finally get parole?

And the biggest question: what do the cast have to say? We’re glad you asked.


“The brilliant actors Susie [Porter], Leah [Purcell] and Rarriwuy [Hick] have just settled into Wentworth and are killing it! That will continue into season seven in terms of that arc. With Wentworth, there is always a surprise – and there will be plenty in season seven. Wentworth never changes. It’s like you’re cruising along a highway and bang! You never expect it, but it hits you then takes a different direction. Hold on tight and expect the unexpected!”

CELIA IRELAND (Liz Birdsworth)

“[There’ll be] a couple of new characters who bring really interesting stuff. And it can be absolutely shocking in parts. Really quite shocking! The stuff that happens in season seven is more unexpected than any other season, without doubt. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!”

KATE ATKINSON (Vera Bennett)

“It definitely starts with a very different tone [compared to the] beginning of season six, which was all sirens and escapes and prison in lockdown. Vera is in an interesting situation. [It’s a] few months down the track from the end of season six… and what has happened to Rita and Marie at the end of season six, and how that impacts on us, [is] kind of the launching pad for season seven. There [will be] a new psychologist, and there are a couple of new characters who join later in the season. But in the beginning we pick up with our original characters and the great newbies [from season six].”

RARRIWUY HICK (Ruby Mitchell)

“[Ruby is] a survivor and a very strong woman. [But in season seven] things start to really spiral out of control for her.”

KATRINA MILOSEVIC (Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins)

“The finale [of season six] is the launch pad for what, I believe, will be a game changer – season seven. When I heard the story arc for season seven, I broke out in goosebumps. For Boomer, come the end of season six, something is shifting big time. Come season seven, this new chapter begins – and her life will never ever be the same again.”

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Written by Cameron Bayley

Sigrid Thornton’s thoughts about saying goodbye to women of Wentworth

Sigrid Thornton’s character Sonia Stevens life came to an ignominious end on hit Foxtel prison drama Wentworth on Tuesday night.

“Oh, very sad to say goodbye to my colleagues, very sad because I really couldn’t be more sincere; it’s just a lovely group of people and such gifted women,” Thornton said.

Thornton, who also starred in Wentworth forerunner Prisoner, thinks the death of central characters is an important aspect of modern TV shows.

“Losing main characters with whom the audience may have become identified is, I think, a really good new phenomenon in television, that we’re not afraid to do that,” she says.

In the world of Wentworth prison, the stakes are enormously high and people are going to drop off the edge

– Sigrid Thornton

“Remember all the fuss when Game of Thrones started to kind of break into that territory?

“But audiences, despite being disappointed, were excited by it and I actually concur,” says Thornton, who heads to Busselton in August for CinesfestOz.

“I think, really, it is like life and I mean in the world of Wentworth prison, the stakes are enormously high and people are going to drop off the edge.

“People are going to leave the prison but they are also going to drop off the edge in various ways and I think that keeps the show alive and rich and it keeps it fresh as well.

“And I’m genuinely very pleased to be kind of part of that renewal in my own way.”

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